A province in the Philippines will be fighting drugs… with Dota 2

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  The Provincial Government of Camarines Norte, one of the provinces of the Philippines, will be fighting the country’s ongoing controversial war on drugs in an unusual way, by staging a Dota 2 tournament for the youth of the province.

  The tournament, called “Dota Kontra Droga” or “Dota Over Drugs” in Filipino, features a PHP100,000 (approximately USD2,000) prize pool, a cosplay competition, and job fairs for attendees.

  It will be held at the Agro Sports Center in Daet, Camarines Norte from December 14 to 16, those interested in participating in the tournament can register here until November 25.

  The tournament will be held in the midst of a controversial war on drugs in the Philippines under the regime of President Rodrigo Duterte. With thousands having already been killed in the ongoing drug war, the Dota tourney will surely be a less violent way to combat the spread and influence of drug use in the country.

  Dota 2 has long been one of the most popular and influential esports titles in the Philippines, with heralded teams such as TNC Predator and Mineski hailing from the country.

  The province’s Sports Office also warned against excessive trash talk and usage of profanities to those looking to join the tournament in light of a Filipino pro player recently coming under fire for making racist remarks during an international tournament.

  The event comes as a partnership between Camarines Norte’s Provincial Government, Provincial Sports Office, and Provincial Youth Development Office alongside local esports organizations Bantayog Esports, Metadaet Meta, Wargods Pro Gaming Arena Daet, Zen Xtreme Gaming Cafe, Noxus Gaming Lounge, Cyber Arena Gaming, RAWDOGS, and AT Productions.